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CovertArt - multi-image boxset DPI


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I'm using CovertArt, with the 'fan' boxset, and the images are not sizing consitently.

I've had a look at the suspect original folder images, and it seems that they all have DPI's at something other than 72dpi.

If the dpi is bigger than 72dpi, the boxset images become tiny.

The following are the Primary.png files saved from the web interface.



As you can see the small image in the top left is at 1000x1500 @ 300dpi, where the foreground is at 1012x1500 @ 72dpi.




I have no clue what is happening here.

The images are the Highlander Series.

The front most image is: 1000x1500 @ 72dpi

The middle image is: 1000x1500 @ 72dpi

The back image is: 1000x1500 @ 72dpi




Here it's behaving much like the first.

Forground image is: 1382x2048 @ 200dpi

Mid image is: 675x1000 @ 72dpi

Back image is: 1000x1500 @ 300dpi


Any help would be apreciated... ;)

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They're pulled from imdb / tvdb / tvrage by Media Center Master.

They used to work 100% correctly in the old CoverArt 3.


I switched over to the 'Stacked' setting, and they all render correctly sized and all.

It's only the 'Fan' setting that creates this result.


hmm.. 96dpi... we've always used 72dpi in media production.

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Tried it, restarted server, reset Boxset & Collection to settings to 'Fan', opened movies, then Boxsets.

Under boxsets on the web interface in movies, it defaulted to either: the standard Blue Background, or the CovertArt4.0 default image with a tiny Aliens Fan & CovertArt4.0 logo in the top left.


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