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Server: Auto-detect REPACK, PROPER, REAL during auto-organize


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Frankly, the whole overhaul of Auto Organize doesn't seem like a priority...


Adding one checkbox doesn't seem like a "whole overhaul" to me. It should be a simple feature addition.


Generally speaking the Emby devs won't build in features that are only useful to people downloading content.  They'll do stuff that is ALSO useful to downloaders, but not only.


There's nothing wromg with asking but my experience with this app and this group of devs say you're wasting your time.


I appreciate the honest response here. As my request would only benefit those downloading content (even legally), if you are correct in saying the devs only consider features that are "ALSO useful to downloaders" but not those "only useful to [downloaders]" then I am indeed wasting my time. Thanks.

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The expanded version of auto organize now can move files based strings found in file names.

We don't create the strings to look for, we just act upon strings the user creates.

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