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MadVR support for Video Theme Plugins, and some other suggestions

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I have noticed that Movie Video Themes and TV Video Theme Plugins are not using madvr, EVR or other video render improving tools embedded into EMBY theather.


Therefore, the background video is kinda segmented.


@@radeon, I love your plugins, they make mbt look incredible, I would like to see them use existing video render improvement (users configuration)


While at it, Here is some other feedback:


I would like to be in more control with your plugins, here is a sample suggestion:


So basically a list of all my items, where on the right hand side of  each item status and buttons, like: theme available for download, no theme, same theme with server, server has a newer theme ...etc


And on the top, preferences and batch actions, like do not download new themes, or button for download all new available themes ...etc


also can you allow for multiple themes at the server, so we can maybe select the one we like?



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