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CBR,CBZ and PDF thumb creater!


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Hi All,

I've created a thumb creater for CBR,CBZ and PDF files.  Launch the program and click start then browse to the folder with your CBR,CBZ or PDFs and a new thumb for each file will be created from the cover. Such as filename-poster.jpg. When you refresh your library Ember will see these new thumbs. Its nice to have covers in Emby for Comics and PDFs! It makes magazines much nicer to browse!

I take no responsibility at all if this damages your computer or deletes your files or any thing other bad! Please take a small few files and place them in a test folder first to try it out! Also the search is recursive so it will dig down to sub folders from the root!

That being said let me know if anyone finds this useful or what bugs you come up against or any code suggestions!

I wrote this for myself and figured I might as well share it in case anyone else finds it useful. Do what you want with the source code. It might be useful for the Emby Bookshelf plugin.



Link to download



Just added version 1.1, it has very much improved cover detection for comics!

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Hmmm it’s better to use this one now or the Bookshelf plugin? I’m just using Java Ubooquity cuz I wasn’t aware Emby had thumbnails for this stuff. But I thought it still was an issue for downloading epubs though when attempting to download to your phone IIRC.

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1 hour ago, kidnappervan said:

Can this work for ePubs?

Yes Ubooquity works with epubs. But now Dec 2021 by far my favorite ebook Java server is Komga  which only works with PDFs and comic books. 

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