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So, just recently my PC has started to annoy me. I rebuilt it not too long ago, new everything except hard drives/case. And now im getting this annoying freezing/stutter issue. For example if I watch a movie in MBT it will randomly freeze up the video and the audio will repeat (like a music CD would do when its scratched), the odd thing is it will stay like that until I push play and it will resume just fine then do the same thing later. What gets me though is it does it in Kodi, MBT and even netflix via firefox (metro app works fine). I honeslty have no idea what it is, I assumed the video card/PSU but it never once does it in a game under load. Only watching a movie/show across multiple different apps. Sometimes it won't do it for a day or two, sometimes every 2 minutes it will. Restarting usually fixes it for a while(sometimes).


Intel i5 4690k, MSI GTX 960, Corsair HX750, Windows 8.1.


Anyone ever have an issue like this? I can live with it, it's just annoying.

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