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Caching of metadata on device - WP8 for me but may apply to others as well


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Been very happy with MediaBrowser 2.x for a long time.

However on sunday checked in on MB3 and bought the WP8 app. Looks good!

Enjoyed browsing a large collection of movies / tv shows on my phone then kicking them off on htpc from the phone.


When trying to run the app away from my network at the moment it is useless (unless I enable port forwarding etc...)

I havent looked at the source to see the design but was wondering if its possible to allow an offline browsing mode of movies/tv shows.


Does the client cache any of the metadata currently?


Streaming tv shows/movies through phone network would chew through data, but it would be nice without having to port forward to be able to browse collections. Then select items to watch later or add to a playlist.


I imagine there is still a decent amount to do with the WP8 app? I dont have any genre filtering at the moment etc...


Keep up the good work! :)




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I believe @@ScottIsAFool was looking into the ability to have both networks configured and let the client auto detect your home WiFi and prioritise that over a mobile network. I don't know how far he got, but this would solve your issue.


Edit: Sorry I reread you post. You don't want the mobile network configured at all. I know the app does cache data, but I'm guessing there would be a lot of issues running the app without the server connected. You'll have to wait for an answer from Scott for that one, sorry.

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Offline mode is one of those "would be great" features that I would love to get around to doing. At the moment it's not something that will be coming in the immediate future, but it's certainly something I will consider.

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I did not see the post so added my own. Please remove if you want. I to would love an offline add on to the windows 8 rt app. I would not even mind if you wish to sell it as an addon.


To be able to play offline would also be great for those long journeys.

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