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I am still having some issues. I loaded the latest version and it partially fixed my problem with the theme music. Some series will play and some will not.


I see no difference in file layout or type when looking at the file system between those that will play and the ones that won't. The ones that won't play far outnumber the ones that work.


Also when it does work there is no background image displayed until the music is finished.


And finally. I am still experiencing a hesitation when the initial backdrop image is loaded. It occures during the fade in. The image will partially fade in pause for a second mid way and then finish fading to full opacity.


Thanks for your help.

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Thanks Jordy, glad u like the updates.


Re the toolbar not moving left for you, it seems to be working fine for me.  The toolbar only moves a little to the left (roughly the width of the date and time), just so it doesn't clash with the window minimize/maximize controls if you run MBC fullscreen.  Were you expecting the whoie toolbar to move right across to top left corner?


Or is is just not moving at all?  And on which page/view are you seeing this toolbar reluctance?

Hi,  The toolbar moves to the left fine in Crystal - just clearing the window controls, but not in ROC - both in EHS and I always run in full screen. It worked OK in ROC prior to but not anymore. I have checked and un-checked the control for it a number of times but no luck. And thanks for the update on ROC for MBT. Here's hoping it can be easily translated, i'm sure I won't be the only one looking for it.

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