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Play All Feature - .wtv files


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Just wondering if anybody has come across this problem. Apologies if this has already been covered. I have looked without obvious success..


I have just created a new media library called "TV Recorded" and placed all my WMC recorded tv files (wtv). All have have been detected and displayed in MBC in appropriate TV series folders. When I press the play button on a selected folder and select 'Play All', the first episode in that folder begins to play (so far, so good). The problem I am experiencing is when the first epsode finishes, my screen automatically switches back to the MBC screen where all my "TV Recorded" folders are displayed WITH the second episode playing in the background (behind the MBC screen, hearing the audio in the background).


Things I've tried:


1 - I did originally create a folder inside the Windows "Recorded TV" folder (D:\Recorded TV\TV Recorded), now I have moved the "TV Recorded" folder to D:\TV Recorded

2 - Change "Media Type" from 'TV' to 'Uniset'

3 - Tried the Play All featured with other file types (mp4 etc.) and worked without issue


I'm guessing it might have something to do with wtv files?


Thanks in advance..

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Thanks for the reply guys.


Yes, normal play works fine. Just not when you select Play-All at folder level.


No, no external player used just the default. Should I try an external player? Which one?

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