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Episodes not marked as "watched" using the remote play function of the web client


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Hi folks, I was just using, for the first time, the web client via my phone (SG3) to remote play TV episodes. The remote function works brilliantly to the point where I'll probably remove my MS remote from the system from here on. I only have one issue - I watched 3 episodes from different TV shows (to completion - 100%) and none of them were marked as watched anywhere.  any ideas why?


Server: 3.0.5061.25570

MBC: B11-3.1

ROC: 1.0.62 or Chocolate:

Firefox 25.0 on server and phone

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Sorry folks - false alarm... realised that I was logged onto the web client as myself but was watching on my wife's logon. Switched over to watching on my logon and it's all good - embarrassing :rolleyes:

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