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Display specials within season option


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Hi All,


I have thought about this one for a while now and with a recent hardware upgrade, I have had to go through my TV Series again and un-tick the "Display specials within seasons they aired in" option again manually as I don't like the specials showing in each season and it's time for me to request a feature.


Would it be possible to have a global setting for this within the server to enable/disable this option so if I add new content and forget to un-tick or for whatever reason need to rebuild my library you don't have to go through each season and do this manually.




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+1 for this


Or even unchecked is the default and we can go into the metadata manager and check it for the series you want.

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What part of specials in season folders dont you like?..is the problem with it per se or the way it currently works given the current metadata and ui design.



For me (and the way i see/use the collection) there are a couple of  types of special episodes are far as tvdb classifies them (in the specials category)...

type a - specials which are part of the flow of the story eg a christmas special (and might as well not be in the specials at all)

type b -  ancillary content pertaining to the show eg. behind the scenes, bloopers or whatever..

type c - specials in series which dont have an ongoing narrative and the special status is more a broadcasting/commisioning quirk than anything else..the special is of equal status to season content eg. documentary eg. horizon.


for me...

type a should have airs before/after metadata to ensure they exist properly in next up, it makes sense that they might appear in the seasons themselves..

type b - are orphaned content that would never appear in season uis or next up..

type c - should certainly appear in next up, and maybe also in the season (metadata supporting) - they are similar in use to type a (and perhaps the same)

perhaps you have others...?


is there a workable (per haps automated) way to handle all the different types, so the default matchs 80% of peoples expectations and custom flags handle 20%?


why would people not want specials (especially type a,c) to show in seasons?

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Well personally for me I like to watch a Season at a time, usually the "play all" option, being from the UK it's usually just 6 episodes at a time and I don't want to have to what the out-takes, making of etc bundled in with normal episodes. I much prefer to go into my Specials Season (S00 usually) and just watch watch them if I feel like it, which to be honest is not very often.

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Only specials with the right metadata appear within the seasons they correspond to... If they don't have airs before/airs after metadata they do not appear within seasons. This is for things like Christmas specials etc.... Not for outtakes makings ofs etc. So Christmas specials can be in the specials folder along side a making of but only the Xmas specials will appear at the end of the season for example.. So if you play all it will play that season and the Xmas special. I think this works extremely well and don't know why you would not want this behaviour

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