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while playing with the web interface, there are two issues I am wondering about:


  • When I switch collections (like Movies, Folde, Live TV), the first Sub-View is loaded always (like "Latest" for Movies, or "Suggested" for "Live TV").
    Can I change this to make "Recordings" the default view for "Live TV" and "Movies" the default view for "Movies"?
    Additionally (or at least) this selection should be remembered when switching back and forth between collections'
  • Some Movies are displayed with a checkmark symbol on a green circle background. Other movies show a warning icon on a red circle. When I hover these icons with the mouse to find out, what these icons are all about, nothing useful happens. These icons cannot be  clicked and do not display a tooltip either. Instead an overlay is displayed, which provides some additional information and control for the item.
    But...the mentioned icons are hidden and there is no chance to further investigate the reasons for the icons display. As of today, I can only assume that the checkmark is meant to signal that a video has already been watched. Though, I am still unsure about the meaning of the warning icon on a red circle.
    After Re-Identifying the item and re-downloading all available images, the warning sign disappeared from the item.
    Unfortunately it did not disappear from the collection group item, although it was the only item with that icon within the collection group...


I am a bit confused about this.


As an MB Classic user I also do not quite understand what would be the benefit of grouping media folders of the same type at the top level. The "tour" states that this would be an improvement very worth to try. But I wonder what improvement this could be? Combining the content of multiple folders into a single view has been possible for quite a while, just by adding multiple folder paths to the same "MB Media Folder".

So what is the improvement or the benefit that has not been available or possible with the previous implementation?


As an example: I separate my child's movies from my own movies. There was never nor will there ever be a situation where I would like to  combine these movies into a single view. After the update I was really annoyed because I could not longer find what I was looking for.


I don't want to make this a rant posting, though. I would just like to know about the benefits of this change...



Thanks very much for all the great work and effort you are investing for one of my favorite projects!







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Well imagine being the administrator of your server and managing content for a household or a large group of people. It may not feasible or desirable to separate the content in a way that would satisfy everyone, therefore the display shouldn't necessarily be tied to the folder structure. the folders just provide the content and then each user can configure their display how they like.

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Hey Luke,


thanks for your reply. I have never considered an MB installation with a larger number of users, but I agree that it would make sense in this case. Is this a common scenario?


PS: I'm still interested in thoughts about "Default View" and "Overlay Icons"...





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 define large number :) I have 3 or so but we want our media shown completely different so for us this makes the option to not have it tied down to folder structure better!



Default View, this has been asked in the feature request section of the forums and if you want it implemented i suggest you go and +1 one of those so the devs know users want it :)


Finally the Icons, green check means the item has been played. Red warning icon usually means some meta-data is missing, usually the poster. If you go and lookup the same movie in the editor and check there it will tell you what "standard" images are missing.


And that is probably why it vanishes after you have done a refresh since MB will have located and downloaded an image for it :)


hope that answers everything!

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And you didn't ask but a number in a green circle will be the number of un-played items within that item (like a TV series).

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Thanks a lot for the explanations!


I still think that it would be a good idea to display some text relating to these icons when hovering.

Sure: Now that I know the meaning of these icons, I don't necessarily need a tooltip in the future, but what about everybody else? I couldn't find this information in the documentation, so anybody who would like to know, would have to read or ask in the forums..


Same thing for the ratings: I just found out by reading the forums, that the percentage after the tomato icon is the score on rottentomatoes.com. Quite obvious, one could say, but I have never heard about rottentomatoes before (really!).


To date I still don't know where the score behind the yellow star comes from. I suppose it's from imdb, true? The metacritic score has a ToolTip "Metascore" which is good and should be done for the other scores.

Additionally: Wouldn't it be a good idea to make these scores link to the appropriate site?  Or add some links to those sites where "External Ids" are available for?


Just some suggestions...

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