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Best place to report bugs? Coordinated bughunts?

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What's the best place to report bugs? For instance it's difficult for the majority of users to know if a server bug is unique to their architecture (Linux, Mac, Win), or across the board. 


I have installed a non-production dedicated test-server for MB on a Mac Mini, and have started to do some bug hunting on my own, but have not found any description on how to report bugs here or in the wiki, unless "problems" and bugs are qualified as equals in this forum. 


Also - are there any coordinated bughunts planned where these are reproduced and targeted one by one?



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Users have problems and we devs need to determine whether or not they are bugs and how best to address them.


So, just report the issue in the area where you encountered it (whatever app you were using).  If it ends up needing to be in a different place, no biggie, we'll move it for you.

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Excellent, I'll file under Server->OSX and you guys move accordingly if it's cross-platform issues. 


Very happy to see such a responsive community by the way - much appreciated! 

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