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Possible help for Live TV Streaming Issues


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I have been having issues with Live TV Streaming in Media Browser. I have tried all the possible solutions

including changing the BufferDelayLiveMS setting in ServerWMC. It then occurred to me to disable

my antivirus software and see if that helped.


I also decided to restart Media Browser and ServerWMC after disabling the antivirus software

I started a Live TV Stream and it came up fine and I continued to let it stream for about 15 minutes.


In the past it would play for about 5 seconds, then start stuttering until it finally stopped and returned me

to the channel page I was on before streaming the channel.


I then decided to try streaming another live tv channel so I hit my browser back button and selected

another live tv channel to stream. Although the Live TV Stream started to play, it stuttered for about 30 seconds,

it then started playing normally and has been for about 30 minutes now. I think there are still some buffering issues

with Media Browser and/or ServerWMC especially when changing live tv channels, but disabling my antivirus software 

definitely helped. What's strange is that Movies stream just fine.


I plan on ignoring the RecordedTv directory along with the Transcode Directory (once I locate it) and run some further



I hope this observation helps others having the same issue as me.

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Here is another tip that may help resolve your Live TV streaming issues when Media Browser seems to buffer for a few seconds and then stops.

Go into your Media Browser Settings, click Plugins then click on the Channels Tab. Then under Preferred internet stream quality, set it to 480P.

When I had the Preferred internet stream quality set to 720P, I experienced the same buffering issues that others have described.


Next go to Live TV and select a TV channel. After you hit the Play icon you will see gear icon that will allow you to set the video quality. Set it

to 480P 1 meg.  I find this setting streams very well even on a slow internet connection providing others in your house hold are not using a lot

of bandwidth doing other things on the internet. I must also note that my Media Browser Server is sitting at one location with a very fast internet

connection (50 by 50)and I am accessing it remotely via the Media Browser web interface through a 2meg max download internet connection.

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I'm not discounting decreasing the resolution setting will allow for a problematic channel to stream over an internet connection with limited bandwidth however unless the problematic channel is running at a significantly higher bitrate than a channel than another channel from the same tuner that streams without issue, there must be more to the issue.  

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