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Library scan takes forever when adding new photos to a photo library


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When I add photos to my photos library, the next library scan will take all night before it has processed all of the newly added photos. The thing is, I have only added maybe 200 photos. I would think that 200 photos should be a piece of cake for the server to process.


My system is running on an i7-4770k with 16 GB of RAM.  Htop shows one CPU thread (CPU #8) pegged at 100% with practically no CPU usage out of the other 7 threads.  iotop shows that there is practically no disk I/O.  From the looks of the debug log, it takes an extremely long time to save the new photos to the database.


Looking forward, will this problem be helped by the transition to ImageMagick and should I just wait for the transition and expect a fix then?


These logs start around 10:30 last night and go for a full 12 hrs. Currently, the library scan appears to have hung at 42% as it hasn't done anything since midnight last night.



UPDATE: I restarted the server and the scan finished after 6 minutes or so. Here is the log from after the restart. I know that this is still a bug because this problem occurs every time I add new photos to my photo collection. The library scan will almost definitely take at least all night before it will process all of the photos. 



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