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ChromeCast Support


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No. It doesn't work with Microsoft products yet. That's what 7illusions means in his post above.


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It's possible to have Chromecast support on Microsoft devices. There are plenty of Windows Phone apps that support it. But you have to do a lot of coding yourself, I guess, as there is no SDK. :P


Though, Chromecast still should support the DIAL protocol? Which is supported in the UWP framework? So some of the work could already be done?

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If there's no SDK support, are there any plans to allow 'flinging' of media to another emby client?


ie. I load up the Windows emby App, start playing a locally synced file, and can play it on another local emby client (eg. FireTV stick?)


On the 'other' 4 letter media server you can enable a 'mobile server', so other plex clients on the same LAN can play back cached content from your device, or you can fling content at them. I think it's a reasonably basic web server within the app that hosts the files. 


It works really well for travelling when you have either no/low bandwidth and can't stream from the home server. You can plug in a fireTV stick and play back whatever you have synced locally with a nice big interface..

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