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Gamebrowser & Atari 2600


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Does anyone have Atari 2600 working in Gamebrowser?


I'm trying to launch through Mediabrowser Classic but when I click the on the ROM it says 'No Items'


The items appear in the web client and I've definitely had Atari 2600 (Stella) working on a previous HTPC build (Emulator on HTPC and ROMS on mediaserver)


I've tried the usual switches, {rom}, "{rom}" etc


Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, Genesis/Megadrive and PS1 all work fine.


Can someone who has this working share their setup please?



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the basic {rom} switch works just fine with Stella, did you check in the gamebrowser config on the server that your Atari rom path and platform are setup correctly? It should look something like this.



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Thanks for the reply shaefurr.........I've been a complete plank. For some reason (not sure how or when I done it) but the Platform entry was blank.


All working now :-)


Thanks again

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