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FR Server- XML Shareable Playlist Format XSPF


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As MBS moves to standards it would be great to add support for XSPF.

From Wikipedia

"XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF), pronounced spiff, is an XML-based playlist format for digital media, sponsored by the Xiph.Org Foundation."


Specs can be found at http://xspf.org/


The spec has all the xml goodness and supports extensions, so the MBS team can add stuff as needed. XSPF is supported by VLC, Here is a VLC link to their XSPF usage with the extensions they use http://wiki.videolan.org/XSPF


I realize m3u is probably more common, but can't seem to find a governing body that manages it. There are pros and cons to either format I am sure.


Thanks for consideration!


If you have VLC and like Classic British Rock as an example give.... never mind seems I can't upload a xspf file or even a file with a .txt extension...........?


This upload failed"


Anyway trust me it is pretty cool.. http://www.classicrocklounge.com/ Live stream- VLC shows the track playing info



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