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How to change the order of my media sources in the EHS


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Hi There, First of all I would like to say that I have finally upgraded from MB2, and MB3 rocks !!!! . . I absolutely love it, it has been flawless and I love the new features.


The issue I have (and this is not a fault of MB) is that I didn't really pay attention to what I was doing when I added my media sources, so what I have is my sources in the wrong order in MBClassic.


i.e. I have 3D Films > Comedy Films > DVD Films >  Hi-Def Films >  Music > TV Programmes


What I want to have in the EHS is (from the left) Hi-Def Films > 3D Films > DVD Films > Comedy Films > TV Programmes > Music


Is there any way to edit the order from either the MBServer or a config file ? I have looked but can't see a way, or do I just need to remove the media sources and then just add them back in , in the order that I want them to be displayed.


I hope that makes sense :)


And thanks again to all the devs, MB3 is so slick.



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Read this, starting from the "Specifying the sort order of Collections" section.

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