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Looking for Blu-ray player software running on Windows 8


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I updated to Windows 8 last week, unfortunately to find that DVD is not playing any more. I am looking for a Blu-ray player, at the same time it should be a DVD player. Is that possible?

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The DVD playback isn't gone in Windows 8, it just got moved into the media center pack which you have to purchase separately now.


If you're just looking for another program to play blurays and DVDs, powerDVD is probably the most popular though its around $50 to purchase. You can also try VLC, is plays DVDs perfectly, but you'll need some extra addons to get blurays working.

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Plays everything I've thrown at it flawlessly. It's the new version of MPC-HC with all the codecs included.


Here is the original link to get updates.




I'm only guessing it's W8 compatible.

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VLC?  Sry, thaught it's possible to use it with blurays

I am using XBMC in combination wit AnyDVD, to play BluRays on my HTPC


You can have a look on this artice for it: http://myxbmc.bplaced.net/blog/?p=198

sry, it's in german. but might it helps you.



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