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Special Request MBC - quit MCE on PC Sleep


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 Yopu know the:  "Exit MB/Log-out/Computer Sleep" window which pops-up when you press back from the Home page in MBPlus?


Would it be possible to add the ability for the computer to quit "ehShell.exe" when the PC Sleeps.


It know this would be a good option because of the many issues MCE has being fuill screen when a computer comes aout of sleep.


I have huge issues with MCE restarting to MB from slepp. I know this has been an on-going thing from an MCE stand-point.


Having the computer kill the ehShell process just seems like a good idea.


Let me know what your thoughta sre on that.


thanks ebr for the great updates lately.



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Not sure if I want to build that in or not...


The best way to accomplish this is to install the MCE Standby tool.  It will do that for you any time the PC sleeps and also re-start WMC on wake as well as a bunch of other stuff if you wish.

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could you explain a little about "ALT-F4" what will this key combo do?


That is the standard shortcut to close the current window.

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