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Mediabrowser behind a Proxy Server


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I though I would share this in case someone is attempting to do something similar and starts pulling their hair because videos from web aren't playing (e.g. Trailers)


My Mediabrowser server is behind a proxy server, as long as I have my proxy settings configured on I.E. mediabrowser respects that and uses it for grabbing data from the internet, but when it came to playing web videos it always failed, and I noticed it was because ffmpeg would not respect the I.E proxy settings.


After a few hours of searching finally come across a post that shows how to configure ffmpeg to use a proxy server, the best part is that it doesn't require anything to be changed at the code level.


from a command prompt just type;

SET http_proxy=http://<proxyserver>:<port>


SET http_proxy=

That's it now web videos work as well and go through the proxy server, there might be other ways out there but so far this is the only way that I found.




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