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what kind of pc buy for specially Media Browser


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Hi, Guys...


i am very Big Fan for Media Browser, I love it and its going better and best day by day.


i like to know i am going to buy new PC for just Media Browser, i have collection of 5000 Movies, Songs, Photo, TV Programs, Games, Home Video Everything Like 16 TB Hard Disk Full Loaded 


i like to buy new PC so can anyone suggest me what kind of PC i have to buy i want buy best 


PC will be run 24 hours on.

5-7 User will be Watch Movies in My Home. 

in my Home 4 Media Room, Mobile and Tablets so i can see movies from one PC.

Many Games Install in PC. 


So for Best Movies Steaming and gaming 

Huge Collection Movies, Gaming and Extreme use of Media from PC


what kind of PC Buy like PC, Server, Graphic cards, Ram, Memory Motherboard or Tower servers Dual Processor or something else


Give Suggestion



Sanjay Devani 

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Hi Sanjay, that's an impossible question to answer as it really depends on personal preferences (Intel / AMD), other uses, gaming, etc, and most importantly BUDGET.


If you were just after an MB machine, anything with a mid range CPU with lowish power requirements as it's probably going to be on all day.


However, as you mentioned gaming, and if you're a serious gamer with power hungry games, then you'll be looking for a top end Intel i7, at least 16MB Ram, a sizeable SSD, high end graphics card of your prefence. Whatever you build / buy to this type of spec will very easily run MB and all of your connected devices.


You may get a million other answers with specific detail - most of which are based on peoples personal prefences and experience. Your best bet is to take the best of all these comments and do some benchmark research of your own to decide what works with your budget. Mid- range PC's are pretty powerful nowdays and quite capable of most things.


Sorry if this isn't as specific as you may have wanted, but I'm sure this thread will fill up quite quickly.

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The Baron

The question to ask is indeed how much money you want to spend on this, because you can speed a great deal of money on a new server, if the mood takes you.


In short, you will need a High end i7, 16GBs or RAM (or more), and a good GPU to start off with.


You will need to add at least some of the above, a reliable PSU, an SSD as your boot drive, HDDs for storage. A case with good cooling, I would also suggest you buy a CPU fan and the operating system that works for you.


Details are a little more difficult to provide, start with a good i7 and work from there, for example the i7-4770 (http://ark.intel.com/products/75122/Intel-Core-i7-4770-Processor-8M-Cache-up-to-3_90-GHz)

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I like many others have gone the full custom built mediaserver route, and it's not hard or expensive to do.


First thing is to determine what kind of budget you have, this dictates what components you need and can afford to get the best value for money vs performance. If the budget is high, then go for intel... but if the budget is tighter, then AMD will give you the best value for money approach.


I'm currently running an AMD FX 6 core CPU 3.5ghz with 3.9ghz turbo, 8GB ram on an ASUS motherboard, 8GB ram and 11TB of storage 3x 3TB & 1x2TB with a 120GB SSD for the OS (win 7 64bit). I don't need a huge graphics card as I don't use it to play games on, so a friend gave me an AMD 5670 which whilst an old card, is more than enough to do the job. I've also got a TV tuner for Freeview here in the UK. All of this is inside a Silverstone media case which is perfect, loads of space, great airflow and room to expand if needed.


What I ended up with was a system that is blisteringly fast for Media Browser server and client, it servers a phone, tablet and 2 desktop PCs. With the fibre connection I now have, I can also stream when out and about (if the signal i good enough).  My collection currently contains about 1,500 movies, 12,000 episodes of TV shows and about 30,000 songs... so far. As I've moved everything from older DVD rips to bluray rips, the amount of storage space I need is increasing year on year. I shall probably be adding a 4TB in the new year and still have space for another couple of drives. I bought a PCI SATA card to run the bluray drive, which leaves all of the onboard SATA sockets free for drives. The MB has room for 6. and only 4 are currently in use. So there's room for 20TB based on current drive sides, but we will be seeing 6TB drives soon and 8-10TB drives are on the horizon.


I've proved that you don't need to go for the expensive Intel option unless money isn't a problem... You get better value for your money with AMD FX at the moment.

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My biggest suggestion for designing the server would be to separate it and its duties from everything else you might want to do. If you want a PC for gaming and for using as a high-power HTPC, then build one of those as well. The server itself actually does not need to be very expensive, it simply needs a few higher-end pieces. It has been my experience though, that separating the server as its own machine leads to a great deal more stability. For the server, you'll probably be best served building with an i7 processor. If all the machine is doing is transcoding and streaming the media, you don't need to invest in a discreet video card at all. 


Since server-only set-ups are used differently than regular PC/HTPCs, look mainly for how you want to go about adding sotrage and how flexible you want to be in that regard. It sounds like you have a fairly decent-sized library. You may want to consider something like a 16-24 bay rack server case. These are designed specifically for this sort of application. Another possible approach is to invest in a regular full-size tower and a handful of 6 TB drives. Four drives would allow you to store all of your data in a parity set-up and still have room to grow.


It all comes down to, what price are you willing to pay, and how much space are you willing to dedicate? Building a beefy server can be done for well under $1000 (US) + the cost of whatever hard drives you need. A solid machine for server duty and heavy gaming could easily cost a few thousand dollars and still have some short-comings. 

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I recently did this. Well 6 months ago and am loving my setup. It feeds 3 iPhones, 3 iPads, 4 Roku's, and a MBT laptop that I use outside the house on a VPN. As everyone else has said it depends on your budget. If you are interested in my build look at my signature. I have no issues with mine and I record at minimum 6 shows a night that get converted. As well as use it to downloaded files and a VPN.


Oh and it supports 7 users. I do plan to make it more of a work horse down the road as funds and time permit. I will have a HTPC's in each room and stream games from the server. It will also house a home automation system.

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  • 6 months later...

Dear All 


thank you for all your supports, 


one thing that i don't have a money issues for new Server or PC, i can spend money for best thing, but i want that kind of server which is supports media steaming more then 5-6 user can see on there smart tv,


currently i am using 5540870abfbf4_k.jpg


but i can not run this pc for 24/365 days coz its getting slow or force to shutdown, so i am thinking buy a professional Server specially for Emby but if it work nicely on server then only i like to buy, so old one i will using it in games and new server which is i am going to buy that one i will use for Movies. so budgets is not issue for me so which is server is best for Media Streaming which is run Full HD DTS and run 24/365  and can stream more then 5 movies in different TV, i am attaching photo of my network map so can understand how many router passing this streaming movies 






Thank you for your time, so here is map of network if you feel to change router setting or switch can change position let me know if its help for streaming i am attching photo which i am going to change its on red line and circle 


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