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Merge Multiple identical Album Artists and Artists


Go to solution Solved by fcimeson,

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I'm also experiencing this issue, please provide instructions for what information is needed for debugging. 

This emby view is the Album Artist view.


I also refreshed the metadata about a million times.


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@fcimeson your audio files are tagged with an album artist called "Playlists", and this has been imported into Emby Server.

As far as why you have multiple Playlists entries, the most likely reason is that some of your audio files are also tagged with musicbrainz album artist id values, and because they are different values, the server treats them as different artists?

What is your end goal? A single Playlists album artist, or the actual album artist values?

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Yup, my end goal is to have a single album artist. The musicbrainz suggestion sounds right, I'll try to remove it.

Thanks for the help!

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OK I think in Emby Server this might be tough to climb out of at the moment. After you've removed the information from your audio files, the next step is to run a normal library scan and see what things look like when it finishes.

If that doesn't change anything then your best bet will be to remove and re-add your music library, making sure to complete a scan of all libraries before adding it back to ensure everything is cleaned out of the database.

Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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  • Solution

That worked. Instructions below

  • Run:
    for f in */*/*.mp3; do eyeD3 "$f" --unique-file-id="http\://musicbrainz.org": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Album Artist Id": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Album Id": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Release Group Id": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Release Track Id": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Album Type": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Album Status": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Album Release Country": --user-text-frame="MusicBrainz Artist Id":; done
  • Rescan metadata.

Thanks again for the support.

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