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Question about Music Album Artists with "&"


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The latest beta has seemed to break any album artists with "&" in the name. It is treating the & like a delimiter or end point. For example new album with artist "Neil Young & Crazy Horse" is added, Looks like artist "Neil Young & Crazy Horse" is added but when clicked on you go to Neil Young and the album is no where to be found. Crazy Horse is not added as an artist.


Existing album artists are there but are behaving similarly For example "Allison Krauss & Union Station" shows associated albums, but when you click on one for detail and try to go back you end up at "Allison Krauss" and only her solo albums.


This is consistent across all album artists with the "&". "and" doesn't seem to be effected.


Supporting multiple album artists is a good thing and has been asked for. "&" as a delimiter is not the way to do it.


This is not a log thing and so easily reproduced none attached.


The dev team is always great at fixing stuff. This is pretty important to me, and I hope it can be fixed soon.





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Interesting response and Post title change. Perhaps, not tied to this beta.  I have a different experience. Should have posted screen shots before.




Click on the album




Click on Alison Krauss and Union Station







New Album Looks Like it fine




Tags not read



Click on Neil Young & Crazy Horse








No Album Artist "Crazy Horse"



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Hi @ @Luke


Can't speak to timing and versions, but when I checked this am there are some updates to my "questions". The new album with the "&" is now showing up as album artist., it wasn't before. (this is a good thing :) ). I am still having what be just navigation issues with album artists with "&". The screen shots below maybe a little clearer because there is no existing artist for the info in front of the &. 


Artist "Big Brother & The Holding Company"



Click on album



Click on "Big Brother & The Holding Company"  This is where the problem seems to be.





This one shows the new album artist created, :)




The navigation are consistent for all my content with &.  

Let me know if I am doing something wrong or more details are needed.


Thanks for your help!!

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@@FrostByte Thanks for the reply.

Click on an album in your example., you  should see it listed correctly. click on the artist and it will take you to Neil Young and not "Neil Young & Crazy Horse. See my Big Brother & The Holding Company, example above. It is much more apparent when you don't have an artist before the &.  




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Ok, now I see what you mean :)  Definitely a bug.  Clicking on an album within Neal Young & Crazy Horse and then clicking the artist actually brings me to Neil Young and NOT Neil Young & Crazy Horse like it should.

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I guess I'm not seeing a problem with this one, or I don't understand the issue.  I recently added 3 Neil Young & Crazy Horse albums and they all show up under the correct artist.  The greatest hits album shows up under "Neil Young" and "Neil Young & Crazy Horse" because it has songs from both (I have the album artist as Neil Young only because you can't put two artists there yet), but other than that the Neil Young albums are under Neil Young and the Neil Young & Crazy Horse albums are correct also.


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