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TV Show/Movie Freezing/pausing when watching on LG


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When I watch something on my LG TV, it sometimes pauses the show then a couple of seconds later it continues. Other times it just totally goes to a black screen with the circle in the middle going around and around. The only way to fix it is go into Task manager and close the embyserver process and then re-open the emby server.

I have included my log file hoping someone might have a clue or an idea why it keeps doing this.


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Hi there, can you please go over an example? Thanks.


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Hi Luke,

I found out the problem is a memory leak that I am having. 

I have tried, 

1. Reinstalling Emby server

2. force transcoding on the server by setting the quality level on all clients to 10Mbp

3. Uninstall all add-ins 


Dont know what else to try.



embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63792526866.txt

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I’m seeing a similar issue on my Unraid server with lg tv. Will try to reproduce and post logs later if it may help. 

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