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Direct Play MPEG4 on Emby not possible for Fire TV Stick and Shield


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@ebr@Luke @all 

Direct Play MPEG4 on Emby not possible for Fire TV Stick and Nvidia Shield.

This function is part of the basic equipment and already existed, when or will there be an update? Cross-loading of standard apps is not manageable because, firstly, there are too many clients and, secondly, not all users can technically implement this.

I've already had a few conversations with you about this, but somehow we can't get a clear statement.

Transcoding for a codec that also offers direct playback is also not the solution, as 70% of users certainly do not have a NAS with the function to transcode.

Thank you for a statement on how, when and if we will soon get this again with the fire tv stciks and the shield.


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HI, yes ultimately the TV app will catch up. Thanks.

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OK, great that she will be, very good statement! 

Can you already say approximately when? It would help a lot of users and I can also promise it to my users.

best regards

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Hi. Are you talking about in an AVI container?

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yes that's what I mean, did you mean Luke:

E.g. the following file (just an example):


Format                                   : AVI
Format/Info                              : Audio Video Interleave
Dateigröße                               : 224 MiB
Dauer                                    : 24 min 53s
Gesamte Bitrate                          : 1 258 kb/s
verwendete Encoder-Bibliothek            : VirtualDub build 18160/release

ID                                       : 0
Format                                   : MPEG-4 Visual
Format-Einstellungen                     : BVOP1
Format-Einstellungen für BVOP            : 1
Format-Einstellungen für Qpel            : Nein
Format-Einstellungen für GMC             :  Keine warppoints
Format-Einstellungen für Matrix          : Default (H.263)
Muxing-Modus                             : Packed bitstream
Codec-ID                                 : DX50
Codec-ID/Hinweis                         : DivX 5
Dauer                                    : 24 min 53s
Bitrate                                  : 1 152 kb/s
Breite                                   : 640 Pixel
Höhe                                     : 480 Pixel
Bildseitenverhältnis                     : 4:3
Bildwiederholungsrate                    : 25,000 FPS
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scantyp                                  : progressiv
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.150
Stream-Größe                             : 205 MiB (92%)
verwendete Encoder-Bibliothek            : DivX 5.2.1 Beta (UTC 2004-09-08)

ID                                       : 1
Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Format-Version                           : Version 1
Format-Profil                            : Layer 3
Format-Einstellungen                     : Joint stereo / MS Stereo
Codec-ID                                 : 55
Codec-ID/Hinweis                         : MP3
Dauer                                    : 24 min 53s
Bitraten-Modus                           : konstant
Bitrate                                  : 96,0 kb/s
Kanäle                                   : 2 Kanäle
Samplingrate                             : 32,0 kHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Video Verzögerung                        : 20 ms
Stream-Größe                             : 17,1 MiB (8%)
Ausrichtung                              : Aufteilung über Interleaves
Interleave, Dauer                        : 40  ms (1,00 Video-Frame)
Interleave, Vorlaufsdauer                : 500  ms


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Pretty sure it will come back to the "DX50 codec/DivX 5".

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