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Limiting download speed (for offline playback) per user/global


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Please, it would be great to be able to limit download speed (of offline playback) without affecting streaming speed. I found more than one topic talking on this feature from a long time ago but unfortunately not implemented yet ... so I post it here in " Feature Requests" section.

It would be a very nice if you can add this feature as soon as possible 🙏

as @FredMuppeteer said on other topic:


On 3/2/2020 at 1:24 AM, FredMuppeteer said:

Streaming seems to work fine for multiple users at the same time, but if one of them starts a file download, it lists 20+ downloads the Activity list for each file and it kills my bandwidth.


Also in the same feature it needs to control/limit how many download the user can do on the same time.


I hope the other users agree with me and make voting for the feature   :) 

Many thanks



here some topic about these feature:




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I actually have the same issue and this feature would be really cool.

As a workaround I only know one solution: nginx. It is indeed possible to limit the bandwidth on a certain path of the URL and to make a restriction by IP.

I also looked at httpd (apache2) but it is not very advanced and the limitation is easily bypassed. I recently switched to haproxy and there is no possibility to limit the bandwidth.

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@Thuzad Thanks for reply.

I manage to use nginx ... the limitation of speed works when someone download from web app ... but is someone download from other app (mobile app), it does not work. Do you have any workaround for this?


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@iBossI must admit I hadn't thought of that. You would have to look at the URL that is called when downloading via the mobile app. I don't have this information. 

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