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Can't get online trailers to work in Vantage Point 2


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Hi, im new to emby ( just departed plex ..enough is enough) so apologies for missing requirements.

I have read the earlier thread with the matching title but still cannot get online trailers to show. everything else is working.

Does this require an active emby premiere subscription to work in the 14 day trial period for the vantage point addon ?

emby server Version beta running on nvida shield 9.0.1(33.0.261)  latest hotfix.

emby client 2.0.64g


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Hey up, 

AFAIK Vantage point plugin requires an active Premiere subscription, Android TV client app 14-day trial does not apply to server-side settings/Premiere features, it just enables you full playback during that period.

On 5/26/2021 at 6:04 PM, Cheesegeezer said:

It requires Emby premiere subscription

Edit: For all per-platform/clients features, check out below matrix:

Emby Premiere Feature Matrix : Emby

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