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How to disable Camera Upload on Emby Server? Isn't this dangerous?


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I have noticed the Emby Server has "Camera Upload" feature in place but I can't find where to disable it. To me, this is dangerous to enable the Camera Upload feature by default without proper controls.

For example, I am hosting my own Emby Server at home (premiere already), and I like to share my Emby Media with my friend. I have my router port opened for my Emby server and configured a DDNS for it, so my friend can logon and access my Emby media from his own place via remote access. But I just realized that on Android device, I can turn on the Camera Upload feature from my mobile and upload image/video files to Emby hosting server without user-based restrictions. That means my friend can easily trigger a large amount of files to be uploaded from his android mobile to my home Emby server machine. Just to be clear, I trust my friend or anyone I shared my Emby media with, but that does not mean I automatically grant them the permission to upload their personal mobile device camera media files to my Emby server without a control.


Emby Server has no control on Camera Upload:

On the camera upload configuration page, there is a path we can customize, but if we leave it blank it will use default internal storage folder (accroding to this support page). I installed Emby on a Windows machine at C drive folder. There is no button or toggle control that can disable the Camera Upload feature from the Emby server side. Thus, even I haven't touched this area since the installation, the Camera Upload feature is already on and its default upload path is somewhere on my Windows machine C drive. When I configure a user account for my friend, he can potentially turn on the Camera Upload feature from his android app and start uploading over 10GB size media files to my Emby server without a permission control. It is very dangerous that uploading tons of files to my Emby server internal storage when I didn't customize the upload path for it. My Emby server machine C drive will be flooded.

Shouldn't the Camera Upload feature be disabled by default on Emby server? Shouldn't we have a checkbox on the Camera Upload configuration page so we can manually turn on/off this?


Camera Upload permission is not configured per user account:

Even if I wanted to enable the Camera Upload feature, I want to grant the permission for each individual user account, instead of leaving this open to all the users by default. I have been searching for the options under User Account configuration section, there is no place that enables/disables the Camera Upload per user account. 

Shouldn't the user-based permission control be on Emby server side, rather than on the Android Client App?

In summary:

  • The Camera Upload feature should be disabled by default on Emby Server side until the administrator manually turns on this feature.
  • Camera Upload feature should not have a default path out-of-box. Especially for using the internal storage, uploading camera media files will have the great chance to flood the server. It is better to always force the administrator to assign an external storage before enabling the feature.
  • When the Camera Upload feature is enabled on Emby server side, we should always grant the feature for each user account. Each user's camera upload path should be defined under the user profile. For example, the Emby server side defines the storage parent folder, whereas each user account can define a subfolder. 


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