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Permanent mounting of USB Hard Drives


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I have a Teramaster F5-221 Nas, every time I reboot my usbshare mounts switch ports. so when I try to play something after a reboot it can not find my files untill I go in and reset up the file locations. after a reboot what was usbshare1 switches to usbshare2 and  usbshare2 switches to usbshare1. does this on every reboot. its crazy. I am not very advanced when it comes to Linux. I also can not use my premier code on my nas or link my emby email because my Tnas is blocking my connection. I can acces my server just fine so that is very confusing. can anyone with emby please help. my tnas has a remote connection option. ive been trying for months to fix my usb mounting issues, I am so frustrated.  

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