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Green checkmarks everywhere, no playback info

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When I'm looking at the list of TV shows, the watched shows all have green checkmarks and the unwatched ones have green numbers.. it's very visually confusing when you are trying to pick out unwatched items.  Also, it's not consistent with the iOS or web interface which doesn't show the green checkmarks in the TV show listing.

I'm not sure the logic of showing checkmarks for watched things at all, it seems like the vast majority of most people's libraries will be already watched content.

If the app can display the same as the iOS and web interfaces it will be a bit of an improvement

Also, there doesn't seem to be any way of seeing what is happening with the player.. if it is transcoding, etc.   I tried down arrow during playback and I don't see anything useful.  On the iOS app it has a gear setting that will show if it's direct playback, etc.


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Hi, this is resolved for the next update to the Emby Apple TV app. Thanks !

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