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This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect.


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On 1/24/2021 at 7:52 AM, Luke said:

@PaulWindheimer are you still having an issue with this? What version of emby server are you running?


there is the same issue in my Win emby server(Vms Windows 10 and server 2012r2).

localhost will be refused in a few minutes after the emby server start.  Sometime, it works one or two hours,but it wont last any longer. Instead of , there is the same issue. It doesnt work after restart server. If I exit emby server and open it again the server will work for sevral minutes 

my server is 4.6.7 and activated the Emby Premiere

by the way emby server Apps works on my Synology and Qnap

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When the localhost refused to connect error message appears, it is likely because the port is not correctly configured.  In general, the problem may happens for failing on DNS lookup . DNS is that network address that translates the website name to its internet address. Most often it causes for not getting the internet connection or misconfigured internet or network settings. Another reason could be the firewall preventing Google Chrome to load the webpage. However, other reasons, such as insufficient permissions or the Apache web server not running properly might also cause the error.  In order to fix this “connection” error, there are a few simple steps that you could apply, such as:

  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Reset your IP address & flush the DNS cache.
  • Check proxy settings.
  • Disable your firewall.


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