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Show advanced details for devices, such as Codec and Subtitle support


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When I prepare media on my server, I'd like to know which devices will be able to play the media I have. This can help me determine which shows or films I should transcode before placing them on my server - and even help me choose the most compatible codecs across devices.

I imagine that the devices page in the server admin control panel can be extended to show more details than it does currently (I can only change the display name right now).

These details would be:

  • Codecs supported, Video
  • Codecs supported, Audio
  • Subtitle formats supported
  • Last connection time, IP (as today, just on this new page)
  • Last user (as today)
  • Maybe network details, like max bitrate observed?

This will likely require storing extra information for each device - but I imagine that the information is "readily" available, as the Emby server+app must somehow be able to determine that transcoding is needed. I'd like to surface this information.

Eventually, it'd be super awesome to have some page where I can, at a Show/Season/Episode/Movie level see which devices it will directly play on. Maybe a button to convert the media to a specific device, where codecs etc. are optimized for that device. 


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