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Options for Library Access and Library Import


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Hi, would you be possible to make these expandable, so you can share certain tv shows to different users. Unless there is another way of doing it. I'm pretty new to Emby.


It would also be nice to add a shared folder to the library and it honours the folder strcuture on  the share drive. Some movie collections cannot be sorted with either Name, Title or Release Date. This is how i have Star Wars set-up for example so Kodi can organise them properly.



I am running Emby on a DS218Play running DSM 6.2.4 - 25556


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Hi.  There are a few other ways you can do this.  You can use the parental controls and use either ratings or tags.

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For sharing, using sub-folders is 1 option if you have a lot to share. I use tags and the parental control filter instead since i only have a handful of movies/tv shows that I want to share. So i just tag what I want to share and use this option in parental controls.


For ordering items, what you have is one way to do it, but i don't think Emby or Plex works that way. I tend to use Playlists when I want something ordered exactly in the order that I want to see it. Otherwise I just use the built in air date or title orders.

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For the Sort order - simply add the 'sorted' name into the 'Sort title' field (via Edit Metadata)


On the actual Collection - you then need to tell it to display in the 'Sort' order instead :-


I put the 'Star Wars Stories' after the main saga, but you get the idea ..


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