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Dexter 9x02 naming is problematic for file systems - No provider data


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HI guys!


Any one else notice that the title for Dexter 9x02 called "Storm of F**k" is problematic for computers and the file system?

You can't have asterisks in a file name, and it is causing problems for sorting, and gather Provider data. 


Any suggestions?

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9 minutes ago, GrimReaper said:

Why do you need episode title in the filename at all? 

It's just how I have the auto organizer plugin naming things as they move into the library.


I have all my episodes named: "{series} 9x02 {episode.name}.ext"


It isn't nesessary, but in the back of my mind I'm gonna know that episode has a dirty internet name for the file name 😬😆.

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16 minutes ago, arrbee99 said:

Random thought no 27 - replace ** with __ ?

Yes, that is what I'll do. 😆


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