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Emby connect - Sign in Error


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Hi all,

Having an issue after creating an Emby Connect account.

I've had emby for years and never had any issues - even have premier for remote devices.
I recently got an Alexa and wanted to mess with the m. b. skill.

I went to bind my administrator account to my email address I paid for premier with but noticed it didn't actually have a Emby Connect account so I created one.

After creating the Emby Connect account I went back onto my server to bind it but I got the following error.
"There was an error adding the Emby Connect account. Have you created an Emby account? Sign up at https://emby.media/connect."

After navigating here thinking it was a different portal, I try to log in with either my email address or user ID and get 
"Sign In Error Invalid username or password. Please try again."

So I hit New Users - Sign Up
Enter my display name and email address and both are already in use by another member.

I completely logged out of the Emby.Media website and logged back in to confirm my password was correct and tried it all again but still no go.

Have I missed something ?

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Hey mate no idea what you have done - or maybe it was just a time thing and I'm impatient but I've just tried again now and boom shes in.

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