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Okay so this idea has come from a cpl of queries i got from my old mother when having issues.

As techy people the current app install and setup is second nature but to those who expect a netflix open and forget experience will be sorely dissapointed.

It would be great if upon first install of the app a sort of mini setup guide would step page by page on a couple of essential items:


Maximum Streaming Bitrate

One  screen to either do a broadband speedtest and set this variable or just allow a manual selection with a header like " What is the maximum broadband speed available?"

Reason - The auto setting which is default has proved a pain in the backside incorrectly detecting broadband speed and then resulting in a file rated at 3mbps transcoding on a 100mbps line due to alleged insufficient bandwidth. As soon as i explained to se this, the file played correctly.

Startup Behaviour

Again a simple setting which is hidden away and causes confusion, especially as the default is in my view the wrong one

A simple screen asking them to select the default. As most are probably single user accounts the default should be "Login as this user automatically" explaining this option is best for single users or "Let me chose each time i open the app" which would then be set to the current default select user/server screen. I forgot to set this screen and then got a "what the hell is this message" when she next logged on.

What was the end result of this? Her words " this is too much faffing around im going back to netflix"

Which to be fair was fine by me as saves me getting support requests and means im back to having my media to myself lol

Anyways just a thought

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