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Problem with watching Live TV via web client, stopping, and starting again


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Thanks for the reply.  I have uploaded the transcode log and the server log (with some information scrubbed from it like earlier log entries before my "test" and external IP information).   Please let me know what you figure out.  I really appreciate what you guys do.  


Also, while browsing through my log file, I'm noticing many entries.  Is there some sort of database that can help me learn what some of these errors are and how I can reduce the number I'm encountering?

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i think some of the errors are not actually valid. what files exactly are you saying are left over after stopping?

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Hi guys,


I'm having an issue with live TV playback where when I stop a stream and then try to start again, it plays back the original "session."


Here's a sequence of events:


1. Via Web client, browse to desired channel.  In this case, 491.

2. After loading, live TV streams to my browser.  This is great, works just fine.

3. Stop stream to look for new channel to watch, or try to restart stream of 491.

4. After loading, I see exactly what I was just watching in step 2.


I can go into my C:\Transcoding folder and see the original stream file that keeps getting pushed out to my web client.  It doesn't delete when I exit the stream.


This is my setup:

HDHomeRun Prime Tuners

ServerWMC Version:, build:1162


Path to local 'Recorded TV' folder (from WMC): J:\Recorded TV

Network Path: \\CERBERUS\Recorded TV

Watched 'Recorded TV' folders (from WMC): C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV



What appears to be happening is that although I tell ServerWMC to use J:\Recorded TV, it is saving the transcoded file to C:\Transcoding (I believe this is where I tell Media Browser to store my temp files).  The log shows that it "deletes" the file from J:\Recorded TV, but it doesn't actually do anything with it.


Should I change my "Recorded TV" folder to match the transcoding folder?  Should it be doing what my system is doing?  






server-63545744698 - server name scrubbed.txt

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Was anything ever solved on this problem? I have checked in other threads and this is the only one I see that seems to have an issue similar to mine.


I am using the NextPVR plugin. When I play via the web client it will play for about 5 seconds, then stop, then start again for another 5-8 seconds then stop again as if it's buffering. I have tried this with different settings on the transcoding quality but it still comes out the same. I have also checked my task manager while the video is running and the highest my cpu usage goes to is about 85% so it's not maxing out my cpu while playing either. 


I can use Live TV just fine via NextPVR and Kodi.


My cpu is a duo core 3.0 ghz and 4 gb ram on Windows 8.1.


I am running Sever Version 3.0.5390.25829.


Here is my latest server log: server-63548113915.zip


Transcoder log: transcode-28e0061f-5038-4e07-b349-f64722317f8b.txt


Let me know if you need anything else.



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I am not sure if this information is helpful or not, but I just tried out the Android app after the update with Live TV and it is acting exactly the same way Live TV acts via the web client. Out of curiosity I fired up my Roku with the MB app on there and tried out Live TV there as well (it is a wired connection on my LAN) and it does exactly what Live TV does in the Web Client as well. It plays for about 15 seconds, stops for about 3 seconds then continues for another 15, etc. The picture quality is really good when it is playing.


Additionally, if my post should be in a different forum area (Server section?) or if I should start a different thread please let me know.


I am anxious to get this working as I would love to have Live TV in my bedroom on the Roku.





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I just found this post. I created another post and now I can say that I have a similar problem.

When I watch a TV channel the stream stops for a second or two and starts again.

I can verify that the upload speed is good enough and the ffmpeg does not go above 20% of the cpu.

Same thing happens with Roku. The picture quality is really good but it stops and starts again.

In Roku it is even worse because it does not more often

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