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MBT - "End Time"


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I predominantly use MBT for all of my media now, and I've noticed for a while that it seems to be missing a small feature that I found useful back when I used MB2/MBC:


"End Time"


I liked the fact that the details screen for a given title would tell you the length of the title, as well as what time it would be over if you started it now. I know it's just a small feature, but it was one of those little things that I noticed I was missing when I switched to MBT.


I know MBT is going through a major re-write right now, but I just thought I'd throw the idea in there, to see if there's a possibility of this feature being added to the current incarnation of MBT, or into the future release.


Thanks for any consideration!



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I'm with you there, I even like having end time when browsing through my library.  I'm guessing this will also be something that could be implemented on a theme by theme basis (as it is in MBC) once it gets to the stage where themes can be developed.

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