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Shuffle download issue on Android Mobile


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I have been having an issue shuffling downloaded music on my Samsung Galaxy S10+. I would like to download quite a few artists and albums for offline play on a shuffle. I am able to download the songs just fine but the issue arises when I want to advance to the next song, the Next button isn't always there. I access it from the home page and select Downloads --> music --> shuffle at the top. It will play one random song then stop and the next button is not available.

I have noticed that it will appear when i have under a certain number of songs downloaded, not sure what the number is but it is less than the number of songs i want to download. It doesn't do this on my old iPhone 7, no matter how many song i have downloaded. No other media type is downloaded. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Emby several times from both the play store and the APK downloaded from here. The recent update that installed today (Oct 14, 2021) is the 3rd update i have been having the issue. One thing i haven't tried yet (and don't want to) is wipe and reinstall my phone.

My setup:

Asustor AS6404T running ADM version 4.0.0RMD2

Ember Server version

Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Emby Android Mobile 3.2.19

All permissions Emby asks for are allowed on my S10+


Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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