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ipTV sur Emby ?


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Hi, It's not clear exactly what your asking as @MAX92 pointed out.

You can setup Live TV typically 3 ways in Emby.
First is using a hardware device such as one of the HDHomeRun network tuners.  They are available for OTA & Cable use.
Second is getting an m3u & XML file from a provider (all over the Internet). The m3u file is equivalent to a tuner, while the XML file contains Guide Data.
Third, is using an Emby Live TV plugin (see Emby Catalog) to interface Emby Server with another TV Server.  We have plugins available for DVBLink, DVBViewer, MediaPortal, NextPVR, ServerWMC (Windows Media Center), TVHeadEnd, TVMosaic & Vu+.

Typically a plugin is used when you have hardware that Emby Server doesn't directly support but one of the other mentioned servers does support. This could be the case for Satellite broadcasts or older hardware like Ceton tuners.  It's also possible to already have TV running through one of these servers before setting up Emby and you want both systems to have access to the hardware.

Most people using Emby for Live TV use either a hardware tuner or m3u (streaming) setup or combination of both.
Emby will allow you to setup multiple "tuners" and multiple guide providers.

Typically if using OTA or Cable you would setup one hardware tuner and one Guide Provider which is very simple.  Emby providers Guide Data for the USA, Canada and the UK.

I personally have a rather complex setup with channels from USA, Canada and UK. I have 2 OTA sources (HDHomeRun Quatro & VBox Android TV Gateway), 2 Cable tuners (HDHomeRun Prime(s) ) and 2 different m3u providers setup.   I also have about a dozen guide providers setup to match the different channels I have.

Emby Server is both super easy to setup for simple situations like using OTA or Cable with HDHomeRuns, yet is flexible enough to allow a complex mix of many different tuners and many different types of guide providers.

Let us know what questions you might have.

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