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Coreelec(9.2.7) show Source is too slow


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my device is Phicomm N1, sys:coreelec 9.2.7,add-on:emby

my advancesetting:

< advancedsettings >

`` < cache >

`` < buffermode >1</ buffermode >

`` < memorysize >139460608</ memorysize >

`` < readfactor >20</ readfactor >

`` </ cache >

</ advancedsettings >

The source is slow when I play a video with a bitrate of more than about 20000

and doesn't take up too much cpu

The speed of the local area network is 400mbps+

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Not sure if I can help you, but as you are using native mode, Kodi is totally under control of playback. So you might also consult Kodi Forum to tackle the issue.

Probably also perform a test with the same file on stock Kodi (no plugins installed) and check. Could be a network issue.

Also maybe upgrade coreelec. Not sure if Kodi 19 is already available, for libreelec it is.


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