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Issue: Version 1.5.3 under to OS 15 delivers very poor perfromance


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Player 1.5.3 stuck permanently playing Films under to OS 15.

Checked Network and Cable, both are quite good

When playing same files  Form same server via NFS Share a Infuse 7 pro plays just fine.


Emby stuck playing and can‘t resume. Have to restart Apple TV completely - then Emby plays for a while  Till next stuck!

Emby under to OS 15 is unusable for the moment! The tv OS version is Not worth one of five stars at the moment.

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The Serverside seems unobstrusive.

I don't know, how to log errors on an Apple TV while streaming to the tv OS Client.

Using the Infuse Sync Plugin to the Server is totally different to the behaviour from the "native Emby App". 

Playing a 1080p x264 Dolby Digital file makes the emby app uneffective. e.g. can't stop with remote control in same second as pressing the play/pause button. Have to repeat this button several times before emby reacts. Then when pressing menu button emby "stops" = can see my homescreen of the apple tv but sounds plays further in the background.


Have setup the defaults (reset of all settings and re-updated the tv OS 15) and re-installed the apps again. 

Problems began since updating Apple TV from 14.5.x to 15.0. Emby tv OS App has not changed meanwhile. So i think it is maybe a kind of incompatibility between actual emby tv OS App and tv OS 15. 

Under tv OS 15 the emby server delivers properly all content when using Infuse -> adding Emby Server as Bibliothek with credentials of my Setop Box User for emby clients.

Strange behaviour. And i am not alone with that - i assume. 

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