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I was cancelled.


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I can't believe this.  So I use Schedules Direct for a number of things.  Just started trying to use it with Emby and found I couldn't do that.  i asked the question to Schedules Direct why they don't support Emby.  My account with them was immediately cancelled.


I have canceled your account, and refunded yesterday's payment.
Using our data with Emby or other commercial products is a violation of
our terms of service.  We're not licensed to provide data for use with Emby.
The predecessor to Schedules Direct (zap2it labs) was shut down
partially due to abuse by commercial products. We don't want the same
thing to happen to us. Hobbyist applications have no where else to go.
Please respect the restrictions placed upon us by the copyright holder.
Sign up for Emby premier.  If you are in an area that Emby doesn't
provide data for, switch to a non-commercial application or one that
supports your area.
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Hi, we'll get you squared away with Emby Guide data in your other topics that you have open.

The data comes from the same place as Schedules Direct so it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.

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Thanks, unfortunately I am still using their guide data with my legacy solution so still need it for that program until I'm comfortable with Emby for Live and Recorded TV.

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Just renew you membership again. They probably didn't realize you use SD for approved apps as well and was just asking. They get quite a number of folks complaining and wanting their money back because SD will not allow/support emby/Plex/whatnot.

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I should probably leave well enough alone, but what the heck... here's his message to SD (since he's posting emails)


Subject:     Web -> Issue with Emby

Wasn't sure this was a Lineup Support issue or not. Do you know why when I go to Emby and enter XXXXX for the username and the same password I entered for this website for the password, then save and select United States for the country, and ###### for the zipcode, that the Lineup pulldown returns:

There was an error downloading tv lineups. Please ensure your information is correct and try again.

Looks to me like a support question for a blocked application.  If that could be interpreted as asking why Emby isn't supported (which is answered on our home page, in almost identical language)  I will apologize and be more careful in the future. My logs show downloads by Emby and EPG123 (which is often used to bypass application restrictions).  There was no mention of Windows Media Center.

So internet... did I misunderstand his question and respond inappropriately?

(and Gary's correct.. there was no block put on the account, just a refund.. but if you come out and say you're violating our terms, hard to look the other way)




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