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LAN Server connection error


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Howdy.  So...this setup ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Server running on a Mac mini, intel 2017 model, everything updated.  Clients on Fire TV.  Routing goes:  Mac->switch^router(DHCP)^->Orbi wireless(*2)->Fire TV(*2)

Everything seems nicely setup, except...*one* Fire TV is connecting fine and hunky dory, and the other isn't - no emby connect, no manual connect, nothing.  All other apps and tests of the connections are working fine.  The Mac has no firewall in place, all permissions on the emby server have been lowered to the minimum possible that I can see.

advice, as ever, most welcome - thanks!

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Hey Luke, it's apparently working now. 

But what happened was that I would put in the (100% correct) server IP, and the firetv client would just flag a server error. Next, I would connect via "emby connect", which would work, but still not show the server. 

Three days after I was round scratching my head, the firetv asked for a login out of nowhere, and then everything started working again. Can you shed any light on the matter? 

My surmise is that there is some IP layering/dhcp mismatch going on between the wireless emby (dhcp supposedly disabled) and the router+modem box (dhcp)/ethernet switch to which the mac mini server is connected. 

Any future tips or areas to look at would be gratefully received as its not the first time we've had these sorts of problems. 

With thanks, 


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