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Series merge sync problem


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I am having two problems with the addon syncing (not EmbyCon):

1. I have a show that is split into 2 paths, one path for season 1 and one for season 2.  It's fine.  Then I go to move season 2 to where season 1 is, and I remove the now empty show directory where season 2 was.  This causes a problem where the entire show is no longer present in Kodi after the sync.  Refreshing metadata from context menu doesn't fix.

2. On a similar syncing problem where a show is split into 2 directories, if I add a new episode to a season, the show then appears unmerged in Kodi as two separate shows. I ensure the naming is consistent.  It doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally and I can't really predict when it will happen.

Both issues have been occurring unpredictably from v5.3.1 to 6.0.9 (build 55).  I'm running Emby server on Linux.  The metadata is all fine, so I know it's on the addon/Kodi side.


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