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Unable to remove Live TV channels


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Running Emby server in docker container.

I'm exploring Live TV options with a view to playing content defined in m3u files and integrating TV channels from my Enigma2 box.

Comment#1: In live TV setup, HDHomerun it was necessary to append the port (':6083') before this would work (not mentioned in https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001848794-hdhomerun-setup). It would be nice if all ports involved could be mentioned, as these may need to be exposed in the docker config where people are running containerised emby-servers.

Comment#2: Using chrome or chromium browsers (on Linux)  playback did not work for me (black screen after load spinner), but worked with Firefox.

After creating some m3u entries and a HDHomerun entry I have a large number of channels from various attempts - some working some not, so I want to clean up.

There appears to be no way to remove individual channels, so I started removing the Live TV sources. With ALL sources removed,  there are no channels listed in the server settings -> Live TV -> Channels (as expected), however they are still present in:

   - the emby app -> Live TV !!

   - server settings ->  Metadata Manager -> Live TV

How can these entries / cache be cleared ?  Server restert did not help. Maybe it is possible to remove from server data in the filesystem?

Any tips or tricks appreciated,



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Hi, A guide refresh should remove channels that are no longer being loaded.  You need to wait for the refresh to finish.

You can remove individual channels in the Live TV/DVR Setup menu with the Channels menu (or tab).
Remove the green checkbox for the channel and it will no longer be used.

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I had already tried the Guide refresh - I'm not seeing this affect channels. But I did not have a Guide Data source set up. Maybe this is the prob?

Trying to set one up: 

Server settings: Live TV -> Setup -> Guide Data Sources: + ->  Country: UK, Guide Source: Emby Guide Data -> Next -> Entered a postcode, Lineup Options selector has no options.

With no TV sources and no Guides:








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Do you have any live tv plugins installed?
If so they will still import until you remove the plugin.

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Good call! I did have several Live TV plugins installed as I was exploring ... having removed them & restarted emby-server all channels are gone!

Excellent, thanks!


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