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Folder Id from MusicAlbum and MusicArtist

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I'm looking for a way to query the Folder Id from MusicAlbum and MusicArtist.

First things first, I need the Folder ID cause this is reported from Emby via Websocket on delete (in some cases).

Emby.hooks.websocket: [ LibraryChanged ] {'FoldersAddedTo': [], 'FoldersRemovedFrom': ['2469181'], 'ItemsAdded': [], 'ItemsRemoved': ['2469183'], 'ItemsUpdated': [], 'CollectionFolders': ['9d7ad6afe9afa2dab1a2f6e00ad28fa6', 'd29a9d10edb31b3e2d16bd2caf8962ec', 'e49c69e5f0d969ffd35bccceacd6a5b1', 'b21e885d665c9dcd0f1e4241bcb2c4fc', '2b2bca16aacc8a14d53a11bb829eafa5', 'f137a2dd21bbc1b99aa5c0f6bf02a805', 'd497d3eb0a36e9dfb015efd4a08e6ffa', '1edf67a9371148fb694fa3613e4c1979', '7e64e319657a9516ec78490da03edccb', '48fede0f9ee96b1a449b277ee2b920ae', '6c12298efc4a8aa41c3222867a71796a', '52f1cc5cfe5ba8c9452cebe7bca9e026', 'e957f9042f99d8b3c9c0f7f4d81898b8', 'c5e7eb27cf7d2b500e9eac8e08b771bb', '79a2726d3c50e769a8af1e4184e4fccf', '1d1b0a2ee2a3817e928907e6a1b7ab0c', '1faba4cb31a73acabb1bbd7f6f1d35fa', '9af999e51f5c2b25c7bc4d66b9d5f358', '28b5d5b8bef4bd1f1914503b5c11ac91', '767bffe4f11c93ef34b805451a696a4e', '02b55cb31fa776b99025b20d700e8a99', 'c0c1444b416777d3fa55d5f13da1ce58', '4289d8e6dce062a8f4e9e46fa0aea1ee', '4a4a31788f5d304b237d757280d46466', '249533fb4956191be2e1ea7f8ce42691', 'ddf3489a9826e30c95b07cc432ec2320', 'b50b3f9d6a022e1448e8f1e415e1df6f', 'a2c73e7ae34ef5fc31a5fcebc362ac06', 'd3190211ae8906b033a349ae95809c4b', '16a3309fbface74b94c5170e301c845c', 'd8483874199fd8a3995dfe9dfd765bfe', '86089680c839f9781763b076cdd4a72f', '5d8bf7fa941f594c461db4690cad3810', 'f45e4c8d85bc9c53f40468f2c11b6079', '642805f5adda7167424392d9e0055506', 'c7a2368bb64b5cbb2e3221ecd911b74f', 'e9bdb8cc8b2bbf5c38e91014de938c78', 'f342b5762af56d2be8a45d1d7b1ee75c', '089a93efa76179a136179d5be9893bc7', 'a7b8e08bebb3cda1575a4b760a3263d6', 'aeb0a7f6c4416d678e2e6d444d737196', 'e64a1384f7aebe9eb2b737336d0b22e3', '60432180af7e14b0c1b6b65a47c17a73', '8c71af4c30f9e8fa1b438ecce8055ab0', '741771f2939a395ccee5a5bedb1f39c7', 'a73379cd1d8deabe2fef8b17f8c09b38', '803c48382b9796dcf2078b6d5e357a3d', '077b372d312574ba891125f84689a972', '8e8ea6ff9f326473dad2c264bdb64ffe', '4f68b8a11a0f4cf15ef47beaadf02650'], 'IsEmpty': False}


The "'ItemsRemoved': ['2469183']" is the Folder Id.

If I query iteminfo via IncludeItemTypes=Folder, the folder Id is part of the response and matching with the Folder Id (reported via Websocket communication after delete). So far so good.

As I don't wanna use IncludeItemTypes=Folder for queries I need a way to include this info on a IncludeItemTypes=MusicAlbum query.

I was thinking, probably it could be the parent Id: IncludeItemTypes=MusicAlbum&Fields=parentid but for MusicAlbum and MusicArtist not parent ID is returned. btw, for IncludeItemTypes=Audio&Fields=parentid it is returned.


So the question is, how do I get the Folder ID with a IncludeItemTypes=MusicAlbum or IncludeItemTypes=MusicArtist query.


Thank you


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Hi, these are metadata based on songs. There is no folder associated with a MusicAlbum or MusicArtist.

You can get the ParentId of a song, and that will be a folder.

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