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Seeking help on getting trailers working


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Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my LOCAL trailers working?  Any debugging suggestions might be helpful as well.
I'm running the Embuary skin on Kodi 19.1 with Emby for Kodi Next Gen add-on.  When I select a movie, and then view the info for that movie there is a trailer button to play the trailer (see attached image).  However, when I click the trailer button, my UI flashes, my trailer does NOT play, and I get kicked back to my movie list.

I've attached my Kodi log file -- relevant lines appear to be 3171 - 3188.  
On line 3171, you can see the Emby next get plugin attempts to play the video file. I've confirmed that the id is correct.
On line 3188, you can see I get kicked back to the main Kodi screen and the trailer never plays.

You'll notice that I did NOT include an Emby log file.  That's because the request from Kodi never seems to hit my Emby server.  At least, there is no record of the request in my Emby log files ... even with debug info enabled.

Some more info:

  • All trailers are stored as MKV files on my unRAID NAS using the recommended naming scheme (i.e. "movieName/trailers/movieName-trailer.mkv").
  • Emby is running in a Docker container on my unRAID server.
  • Trailers play correctly when I browse my Emby server via the web interface in my web browser, but they don't work in Kodi
  • Emby Next Gen Add-on (ver.5.3.2), Playback mode = "Add-on (default)"
  • I don't use CinemaMode, so that's disabled.
  • All movies play just fine.  It's just the trailers that don't work.




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Have you tried to instead of:


change to


From what I can see here https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159193-trailers the separate folder is for complete rips. I don't use local trailers myself but might be worth to test to copy one file as suggested and then refresh the movie in Emby afterwards to trigger the sync. Kodi uses the same structure so should I would give it a go https://kodi.wiki/view/Trailers

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1 hour ago, quickmic said:

Unfortunately, (local) trailers are not synced (available) yet 😞 It's still on my todo list.

quickmic ... I've been out of the loop.
However, I just looked up your posting history and see that you're one of the devs on the next gen add-on.
Thanks for the great add-on and for updating me on the official status with regard to trailer support.

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