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Wrong image use for DVR recordings


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With Emby Guide Data Emby seems to use the first graphic it downloads for all episodes it records vs using the individual graphic that would be present for each episode.  This tends to be a problem for sporting events.

Example: doing a search for "NFL Football" shows this for Programs

You can clearly see the individual episode posters for each game listing below but it grabs the wrong graphic up top.  The Steelers/Eagles game was the first recording of NFL done on this server so that has become the "default" NFL Football graphic.

Here's one recording showing the wrong image

The Schedule tab is correct however

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The current behavior is usually desirable for most series so that you get a series cover from the guide data, and then you can use metadata providers to fill in individual episode images. But sports are probably an exception that needs adjustment. Thanks.

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Yes the current functionality is great for everything but sports.

It's not the end of the world if this can't be done but having the posters with the 2 teams playing on the poster does make it a lot nicer.

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